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*The League of St. Gerard*

The League of St. Gerard is an association of dedicated people, under the patronage of St. Gerard, who wish to follow God's will in respect for human life. This association is sponsored by the Redemptorists of Liguori, Missouri. The ideals and purposes are these:

* To seek knowledge of God's will in respect to human life, accepting the teachings of the Catholic Church as expressions of his will and love. To unite with the Church in asking God to grant us reverence for life, its generation and its fulfillment for all human beings, no matter who they may be. To support the Church and the pro-life movement in condemning any immoral procedures of terminating life.

* To encourage League members to live daily in the spirit of Christ, making use of God's help, always available in the Eucharist, sacraments, and prayer. Prayers to St. Gerard are recommended for frequent recitation, and are especially appropriate for mothers during pregnancy and for all people in times of trouble.

* To share confidence in St. Gerard with others, especially those urgently needing his assistance. To help every human being grow in God's love, remembering the final destiny of each person--life with God for all eternity.

Members Receive:

* Certificate
* Aluminum medal of St. Gerard
* Wallet-size picture of St. Gerard
* Prayer leaflet
* Booklet Gerard Majella
* Subscription to St. Gerard Newsletter
* Each week the sacred liturgy of the Mass is offered in honor of St. Gerard for all league members and their petitions.

How to Enroll Yourself or Another:

* You can enroll yourself or anyone else in the League of St. Gerard.
* (If you cannot afford this fee; you may still participate as a member.)

Request enrollment and send mailing address to liguori@liguori.org or write us at:

League of St. Gerard
The Redemptorists
One Liguori Drive
Liguori, MO 63057-9999

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